Pet Oral Care Product

In continuing the theme of pet dental awareness month, the Healthy Pet Company ( mentioned a relatively new oral care product to the market. It's called PetzLife Oral Care and comes in sprays and gels.

According to the company, PetzLife Oral Care Spray & Gel
"are revolutionary award winning products that
thousands of satisfied customers agree not only remove
plaque and tartar but also kill bacteria on contact,
the main cause of bad breath in cats and dogs!"

The products "kill bacteria on contact" while improving kitty and dog breath. There is also a version that contains omega-3 fish oils to not only clean teeth, but help promote a healthy coat.

The convenience of the gel is that if you have dogs (like mine) who don't let you touch their teeth, you can put the gel on their lips and they'll lick it up.

Now if they could just make one like that for humans, I'd be all set :-)