Meet the Dogs of War

Their razor sharp teeth are made from titanium, their body armor can withstand clouds of hot shrapnel, and they've been trained to wear oxygen masks for high altitude dives into enemy territory.

Say hello to the US Military's dogs of war - including the bomb-sniffer that joined the hit squad of 79 Navy SEALS that took out Osama Bin Laden in a compound in Pakistan.

The dog would have dropped into the battle zone strapped to the chest of one of the SEAL team members as he rappelled from one of the three Black Hawk helicopters landing in Abottaban, Pakistan.

Wearing body armor equiped with an infrared camera, the dog could stream live images to team members in other parts of Obama's hide-out and back at the base. A radio mounted near the dog's ears would have let SEALS in other parts of the compound give orders to the dog.

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