Adoptive Homes for Hospice Patients' Pets--Can You Help?

You may already know that the goal of the Pet Peace of Mind program is keeping hospice patients and their pets together. But what happens when the patient doesn't have an adoptive home for their pet when they are admitted to hospice? The Pet Peace of Mind program encourages hospices to network with local pet adoption agencies and to develop their own networks of volunteers, staff and community members interested in providing adoptive homes for patients' pets.  This month's story comes from Hospice of the Ozarks in Arkansas. Kathy Weaver, Pet Peace of Mind Coordinator and Volunteer Coordinator tells the story:

"When we admitted this wonderful 75 year old lady, Mrs. C., into hospice care, the first thing she wanted to know was if she would be able to stay with her dog. Her ten year old Pomeranian, Rusty, is the light of her life. This little dog is the reason Mrs. C. gets out of bed in the morning. The main worry in her life, despite being terminally ill, was what would happen to Rusty when she was gone. Mrs. C. is the first patient enrolled our our Pet Peace of Mind program and she is thrilled with what it has done for her and Rusty. We found an adoptive home for Rusty and Mrs. C. has been able to visit and see exactly where her beloved dog will live. She tells everyone that the Pet Peace of Mind program has lifted her worries and given her peace of mind about Rusty. She says that she feels that she will be able to 'let go' without hesitation when her time to leave comes."

Can you imagine any greater gift you can give to a hospice patient than a home for their beloved pet? These pets may be older animals, or pets that have only known one home, so they need owners that can allow them time to adjust, to grieve, to get settled. Do you have what it takes to give a grieving pet a new forever home? Please consider adopting a hospice patient's pet!