The Doggie Cam

The people at have come up with a unique twist on people who want to know what their dog is thinking. Now, you can see life from a dog's perspective.

With their idea, you can put a camera on your dog and view life the way he does everyday.

What's the point of seeing life like a dog does? According to the people at photojojo, with the photo cam we can sympathize with what our dog has to view everyday. I guess if I consider what my dogs see everyday, there would be a lot of pictures of feet, rugs, and food on shelves that is too high to reach.
How does this invention work? Well, you have to buy a "gorillapod" which is sold on their site. This pod supposedly can wrap around your pet (just be careful not to get it too tight or you might cause injury) and then you attach your camera. I have yet to actually try this creation, but if you're interested, here is their site:

Also, a search on reveals other people who have tried using a doggie cam.