November Pet Horoscope

Animal Communicator Donna at writes a monthly horoscope for pets. Here is what she sees in the future of your pet for November:

ARIES (The Ram) March 21 – April 19: The energy level continues on a high pace for the Aries pet. They may also be a bit on the aggressive side this month. Allow them to expend their energy in a positive way or they could become destructive or even worse, depressed.
TAURUS (The Bull) April 20 – May 21: Your Taurus pet will be the calm in the midst of turbulence. The Taurus will be sweet and nurturing in the upcoming 30 days. So if you have a baby in the household, human or otherwise, your Taurus will take protective role.
GEMINI (The Twins) May 22 – June 21: These 30 days find your Gemini very playful. They will entertain you for hours and will bring joy and laughter to the entire household. The Gemini pet will be on the move so stay tuned to see what they have in store for you.
CANCER (The Crab) June 22 – July 22: Your Cancer pet can be a little touchy this month. They will want to stay close to home, so travel is not a good idea for your Cancer pet. You might be confused by your pet’s actions, just be aware that they are extremely sensitive and they just want your attention.
LEO (The Lion) July 23 – August 22: The Leo’s emotional well being is going be tested this month. Your Leo pet will want to stay close to you. They will also be very talkative and vocal this month. Pay attention as they are trying to tell you something important.
VIRGO (The Virgin) August 23 – September 22: Your Virgo pet will want to spend time outdoors. Be careful as they are easily distracted. Their practical side eludes them this month. They definitely need your protection and due diligence this month.
LIBRA (The Scales) September 23 – October 22: The Libra’s decision making process is non existent this month. They also lose complete sense of right or wrong. So, you really need to set boundaries for your pet as they need structure in their lives. It’s all up to you this month for your pet’s stability.
SCORPIO (The Scorpion) October 23 – November 21: Your Scorpio pet will be very intuitive this month. It will behoove you adhere to the advice they are trying to give you. They will be very diligent in getting your complete attention. Trust your pet as you will not be disappointed.
SAGITTARIUS (The Archer) November 22 – December 21: Your Sagittarian will be constantly on the move this month. Their activity level is up and they will want to do everything that you do. It is important to keep them active both physically and mentally. They are in a positive mode so it is up to you to keep it there.
CAPRICORN (The Goat) December 22 – January 19: Your Capricorn pet is in total control of their emotions this month. They have a keen sense of right and wrong. They are willing to step up to the plate and be the leader in the household. But remember, they always strive to have your acceptance and praise.
AQUARIUS (The Water Bearer) January 20 – February 19: With Mercury out of retrograde your Aquarian pet will be a little more down to earth this month. They will be more focused on their behavior, making sure it is acceptable to you. They will show their intellectual side, and will want to impress you.
PISCES (The Fish) February 20 – March 20: Your Pisces pet this month will have a hard time maintaining their boundaries. They may wander off and will be minding everyone else’s business. They are more concerned with their feelings and emotions rather than yours in the upcoming month. Again, with Pisces patience is needed in dealing with them.

(the above is for entertainment purposes)