Matted Fur Problems

A furry pet with a long coat should be brushed and combed several times a week. Doing so can prevent matting and debris buildup in the dog's coat.

If left unchecked, matting can become a serious condition for your pet. It is much more then purely a cosmetic issue. Mats are formed by intertwining hairs, dirt, grit, leaves, grass and other matter in the coat. Mats can grow large and heavy and eventually pull at a dog's skin. This may cause hot spots or wounds. In extreme cases, insect infestation or infection in the wounds may occur.

If your dog already has mats, you may need to take them to a groomer and have them shaved to remove the mats. The dog make look a bit strange to you, but it's better to have a strange looking pup then one that needs medical attention do to hot spots. Once the mats are gone, you can then brush the coat frequently to avoid the mats from popping up again.