67 Ways to Spoil Your Cat

Fun article about spoiling your cat from the Pet Place website. They're trying to get the list up to 100, so contact them with any other ideas.

Here are a sample of a few of them:
1. Sing them a Song
2. A Satin Pillow
3. Tea Time with Me
4. Create a Cat Room
5. I Give Bam CatSip
6. A Little Nature on TV
7. Share Some Morning Kisses
8. Are Really Got Pat and a Cuddle
9. Big Comfy Chair in Front of the Window
10. A Stroller
11. Her Own Bathroom
12. Playtime in the Bathtub
13. Lots of Kitty Beds
14. Floor to Ceiling Windows
15. Warm Cereal

I'm sure you all have many others!