A Flurry of Information

As more and more pet owners pamper their pets and try to avoid the "commercial products," more and more smaller companies are turning towards internet/blog marketing then ever. Over the last few months, I have gotten more emails and questions from small companies telling me about their products in the last few months then I have gotten since I've started this blog.

Maybe I'm just becoming more popular on the web (I doubt it!) or companies are just becoming more grassroots in the way they promote their items.

My biggest issue, of course, is what to believe. It is so difficult for a company to convince someone that they need this product over the products they currently use...especially if the products a consumer currently uses is working for that person.

I read all the emails I get, and try to pass on the ones that look legit, but my I think my dogs are enjoying the products they have and aren't looking to be test animals for my blog. But, at the same time, you never know where that one great product will come around!