Buster is an "older" kitty that came to the shelter at Angel PAWS recently.  Honestly, I'm not sure how he got there - but he did.  He had a bad eye, which needed removal, and we did that at the vet practice where I work.  Buster's a real sweetie-pie!

The really neat thing was that Buster was recently adopted!  I had the opportunity to meet the family the other day when they brought him in to have his stitches removed, and they're just lovely.  What's truly wonderful though, is that the child in the family wanted BUSTER, not some young and cute kitten!  

Wish there were more families like that out there - there are way too many older cats in shelters being overlooked these days in favor of the "cute" - older cats make wonderful companions and, for the most part, their destructive days are behind them, you know what you're getting as far as temperament, etc.

So...thank you for adopting Buster, and thanks to anyone out there who's adopted an older cat, or one with special needs!

The kit I used to scrap Buster is "Dusty Rose" by Angel Baby Scraps.  Thank you, Angel, for a beautiful kit!