Another of Harley's Angels!

Awww, another terrific page for Harley!  He's still looking for a permanent home where he can be the one and only kitty, and his Harley's Angels Challenge continues for another few days at ScrapbookFlair!

This page was created for Harley by Jenice (a/k/a maxandpatch on SBF) and I love it!  She did a great job of extracting Harley from the picture backgrounds, and I love the OOB (out-of-bounds, where part of the photo is put outside a photo frame) Jenice did!

Jenice, thank you SO much for this page!

I haven't mentioned it lately (I don't think, LOL!), but Harley's being fostered by an Angel PAWS volunteer. Check out (go ahead, "like" it!) the Facebook page Angel PAWS has as well as the homepage!