Dandy-Lion has become Dan!

So our little squirty-boy is growing up.  He's no longer "Dandy" but "Dan" and has gone through a number of growth spurts until he's a (still-little) lean, mean, jumping machine!  One of these days, he's going to (a) jump over the open Dutch door that leads from the room he's kept in into the kitchen and/or (b) jump into the garbage (oh wait, he's done that already, LOL!) and/or (c) jump into the litter scoop bucket (oh wait, he's done THAT already) and/or (d) start chewing on the blinds (oh yeah, wait, done that too) and/or (e) finally jump up my leg high enough to do damage to me (he gets to mid-thigh now, ouch!).

Here's a page I just made for a challenge over at ScrapbookFlair - Small But Perfectly Formed:

The idea of the challenge is to create a scrap that covers only about a quarter to one-third of the page, but with intricate details.  I don't often scrap this way, so I was glad to do this and stretch myself a touch.

(why is that?  Why do we always feel the need to always *fill* our pages with "stuff"?  Sometimes I think we put too much "stuff" on a page, or make the original image so artistic, to the point that one can't recognize the original image.  And I find myself falling into that trap too, though I try not to.  Usually, though, my style is pretty traditional, making the photo the focus, and put it prominently on the page)

Anyway, I'm very pleased with how this came out.  I got some great shots of Dan yesterday at work (look at those soulful eyes of his!), and this was fun to do, to do the extraction, make the frame, and make it all small, LOL!  The kit I used is Angel Baby's Scraps' Sweet Fantasy, and that's just how he looks, like he's having a fantasy about that fairy.  Hey, who knows what cats really see, that we can't????