A Hospice Patient Talks About Pet Peace of Mind

Most of my blog posts are written from my own perspective or that of a hospice staff member or volunteer. This month, we feature a quote by a hospice patient impacted directly by Pet Peace of Mind. The story comes from our PPOM hospice partner in Eugene, Oregon--Sacred Heart Hospice. The story is shared by PPOM Coordinator Victoria Spear.
"A 77 year old hospice patient, Barbara, lives alone with her aging cat, Franz Kafka. Since February, PPOM has provided cat food, kitty litter and cat treats for Franz. In addition, Franz has been taken to the vet three times for blood tests and a skin condition. PPOM has paid for the necessary visits and medication. This patient is extremely grateful to the program for the care and support provided for her 'family.'  We discussed the possibility of using our working relationship with the local humane society to find a home for Franz, but the patient was able to find a home for him with a friend.  Recently, Barbara consented to be interviewed by one of our PPOM Volunteers. Here's what she had to say about PPOM. 'If you are at home and in hospice, you want to keep your pet with you as long as possible. Eventually he will go with a friend of mine who lives in California, but until that time, I want Franz to be happy. I am very appreciative that this program allows me to get him to the vet when he is ill, to get his ears cleaned or his nails clipped. The vet service is expensive and a lot of people can't afford care for their pet. This program allows me to do the best for him and respects the fact that my pet is very important to me, especially when I am ill.'"
Not long after Barbara gave this interview, Franz left to go to his new home in California. In order to support her through the separation, our PPOM volunteer brought the patient framed pictures that he took of her and her cat during his visit. Barbara was deeply touched by this gift.