Harley's Angels Challenge has started!

Please go check out the wonderful scrapbook layouts everyone's been making for Harley, the kitty I've been showcasing here on my blog for the past week or so.  I'd like to thank everyone who's participating and has posted pages, or plans to during the two weeks of the challenge!

You can find the challenge by clicking here.  If you're a member of ScrapbookFlair, I encourage you to join the challenge and create a page for Harley so we can try to spread the word about this lovely boy who needs to find a forever home.  

If you're a digital scrapper and not a member of SBF, consider joining so you can be one of Harley's Angels, too.  The requirements are simple...create a page, post it to the challenge, give me and the rest of the participants permission to post your page to other scrapbooking sites, social networks, their blogs, wherever we can, and, VERY IMPORTANT, give credit to the designer whose kit you use.

It's not that he's not safe where he is, he's being fostered in a terrific home.  However, he doesn't get along with the resident cats there and so he needs to be kept separate from them, and he gets lonely all by himself.

Harley wants nothing more than to be the only cat in a loving home.  That's all.  Simple, really.

He's 3 to 4 years old, is neutered, current on his vaccinations, tested negative for FeLV and FIV, and recently had some bloodwork run which shows he's perfectly healthy.  He came into his foster home with a nasty wound on his leg, which is completely healed now and gives him no problems, and he's had an ear hematoma which has caused his left ear to fold over on itself and is also trouble-free (and gives him character!).

Harley's currently in Woodbridge, NJ, which is in the east-central part of the state.  Kinda near Staten Island and not that far from Manhattan.  And, considering that NJ's so skinny through the central part, he's really not that far from Philadelphia or eastern Pennsylvania.  We can arrange a meet and greet.

Please, please, if you know of someone who's looking to adopt a single cat, let them know about Harley!  You or your friend can contact me, and I'll pass the word along to his foster mom, who'll take it from there.

Let's let social networking do what it's so good at - spread the word about this lovely boy, and let's get him a home!

Thank you.