Christmas Hazards for Pets

Christmas is almost here, but be sure to take precautions with your pets. And if you are taking your pets with you to visit relatives, make sure to look for potential hazards at their homes as well. Here are some of the common things to watch out for during the holidays.

- Holiday plants. Christmas rose, holly, lilies and mistletoe are all toxic
- Ribbons. Placing one around your pets neck for "decoration" could cause them to choke
- Fire salts. Contain chemicals that are harmful to pets
- Spun glass (angel hair). Can be irritating to eyes and skin, and could cause intestinal obstruction if eaten in large amounts
- Christmas tree water. Stagnant tree water or water containing tree preservatives could result in stomach upset if ingested.
- Decoration Hooks. Can cause blockage and/or trauma to gastrointestinal tract if swallowed.
- Styrofoam. Can cause your pet to choke if swallowed.
- Ornaments. They may look like little toys to cats and dogs. Unfortunately, they can cause serious injury, especially if your pets break or swallow them.
- Tinsel. Can cause choking or internal trauma if swallowed.

Enjoy a safe and happy holiday season!