Pets and Christmas at Hospice

Today I spoke with a hospice patient who is going to dialysis three times a week. She is exhausted by the four hour sessions and the trips back and forth in a small bus. Renal failure by itself is a challenge for anyone, but she has several other serious health problems that keep her from experiencing the long term benefits of dialysis. All of her health problems combined easily qualify her for hospice. She has improved enough with dialysis to go out once in a while, however, and her daughter is taking her to the store today for some last minute Christmas shopping. One of the items on her list is a box of Scooby Snacks for her black and tan miniature Dachshund, Tuffy. Tuffy is her defender and her best friend. Even though this will be a difficult Christmas for our patient, she wants to make sure that Tuffy gets a present---a symbol of appreciation for his faithfulness and devotion to her despite her ongoing health problems.