New Equipment for the Pet Food Pantry

Today was a day to spend money! It's the end of the fiscal year at a non-profit agency and we were the recipients of a grant to buy some much needed equipment for the PPOM program. Our pet food pantry holds both canned and dry food, cat litter and treats that are donated by other agencies and our wonderful PPOM supporters. Right now, it takes up a corner of another room used by our volunteers. We took old bookcases and plastic shelves and made it into a makeshift pantry, but it definitely needs some work. Thanks to a local foundation, we were awarded enough money to buy new wire shelves, a storage cabinet and a utility cart! I am the most excited about the utility cart because it will make moving multiple bags of food around much easier. Several of our patients have more than one large dog and it will help out a lot when we take those big bags of food out to our cars for delivery. Our volunteer Steve will also appreciate the cart when he unloads donated food to bring up the second floor pantry.