Christmas with Jack Black

Christmas Day was very peaceful at my house. My husband and I spent most of it relaxing with the critters. Jack, a two year old Weimeraner/Lab mix, wore his Christmas bandana, his soft eyes following me everywhere I went. This was our first Christmas with Jack. He belonged to one of my patients, a gruff, but tender-hearted man who passed away earlier this year. I first met Jack when he was only 10 months old. He was part of a litter of six puppies living with four full grown large breed dogs. Our patient really had his hands full with 10 large dogs! The pet program was just starting to take shape and our resources were limited. Right away, we helped the patient find homes for the adults. We delivered dog food and were on our way out to vaccinate the pups when disaster struck. When we arrived at the home, we discovered the pups were already in the midst of a distemper outbreak. When it was over, Jack was the only survivor. It seemed as if he was left here for a reason. Now, Jack and I attend obedience classes in hopes of him becoming a certified therapy dog. He has a wonderful, calming personality and is a bit of a clown. Just what we need in hospice! Until then, he brightens up our office from time to time.