Poll - Pet Owners Not Cutting Back

According to results published in a recent Petside Poll, a majority of those surveyed say they are not cutting back on expenses when it comes to their pets.

Of those surveyed, 85% say they are not cutting back due to economic pressures, even as most surveys are showing that consumers are cutting their expenses overall.

Predictably, lower-income pet owners are twice as likely to have had to make cuts as higher-income owners (11% vs. 20%).

Among the 15 percent reducing pet-related expenditures, cutbacks can be drastic. Half (54%) stated that they are deferring routine visits to the veterinarian, while one in five (21%) are also putting off vet visits for serious problems. One in four (27%) are even considering giving up their pet due to financial difficulties.

The most common cutback is buying fewer toys and clothes for their pets, followed by switching to a cheaper type of food. This can be a tough thing to do for many, as cheaper pet foods mean cheaper quality, and could lead to an unhealthy pet in the long run.

Nevertheless, in spite of the economy a good number of pet owners plan to include their pet in holiday festivities this year. 43 percent of animal owners plan on purchasing a gift for their pet this season. Canines also have an edge over the felines when it comes to owners expecting to buy a holiday present for their pet (48% vs. 28%).